Andrew Davidson & Co., Inc. is the leading provider of risk analytics and consulting for residential loans and MBS. We develop and license prepayment and credit models as well as risk measurement tools that are the benchmark analytics used by top mortgage and commercial banks, insurers, credit unions, broker-dealers and money management firms. With our unique blend of investment expertise and cutting edge quantitative methods, we produce highly advanced models and the most innovative solutions to mortgage investment challenges.



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LoanKinetics v1.0, AD&Co's Residential Whole Loan Analytical Platform, Now Available. For more information or to request a trial, click here.

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Vectors Analytics
The tools you need to reveal the value and manage the risk of your portfolio.
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Prepayment /<br/>Credit Models

Prepayment &
Credit Models


Understand and manage interest-rate and credit risk with greater precision

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Prepayment /<br/>Credit Models

Valuation Solutions


Make better hedging, valuation and risk management decisions

prepayment model
Prepayment /<br/>Credit Models

Enhanced Solutions


Gain clarity in a changing market place

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