Our Values

AD&Co is dedicated to fostering and celebrating diversity and inclusion

At AD&Co, we have built our firm with a singular purpose to develop and deliver superior risk intelligence – an objective that has made us a leader in mortgage analytics and allowed us to strategically and sustainably grow our firm.

Equally, we have built a flat organization where every employee has a voice and whose culture is defined by a series of ethical and personal values that define who we are and how we approach the environment in which we operate.


We recognize that each person is multi-faceted, deserving of respect and a voice


We draw strength from diversity of people and perspectives


We work diligently for our customers and for our shared success as a firm


We advance the well-being of the many communities to which we belong


We champion innovation in our own work and as leaders in our industry


We stay honest and objective, and uphold our values, no matter the circumstance