Fierce focus on client support differentiates us from many other model providers in the industry. Clients who license one or more of our models have access to our entire staff of consultants and developers for advice on model results and integration into their analytics.

Because communication is the key to model evolution, we make efforts not only to listen to our clients, but also to make timely disclosures as to changes and revisions in the model that may impact their analytical results. We are always available to speak to model users by phone, and our online support offers detailed user documentation and comprehensive instructions for internal integration specialists and developers linking to our models. 

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Documentation & User Guides

Find information about our models and applications including modeling methodologies and detailed descriptions of inputs and results. Read guides for running our models through various systems.

Vendor Compatibility

Find out which model versions are compatible with our vendor partners.

Model Validation

Find documentation on the conceptual soundness of our models, outcomes analysis and ongoing monitoring.

Model Tuning

The ability to tune the models is one of the benefits of using AD&Co models. An explanation of tuning parameters, tuning recommendations and more are provided here.

Data Files

Every month, AD&Co releases data files for use with our products. Learn more about the monthly data files here.

Release Notes

Learn about updates and enhancements that have been made to our models and applications over time.


Find answers to frequently asked questions about AD&Co models and applications.

Developer Resources

Find information to help you integrate AD&Co models into a third party system.