Policy Perspectives

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Policy Perspectives (PP) is an independent commentary in which Andrew Davidson & Co., Inc. provides insights on financial and housing policy supported by our analytics.

Date Author File
Richard Cooperstein, Mickey Storms Ginnie Mae Servicing Stress Backstop
Richard Cooperstein, Mark Goldhaber FHA/VA Mortgage Assumability: Making it Work
Richard Cooperstein, Mickey Storms GNMA Eligibility Requirements: A Review
Richard Cooperstein FHA MMI Fund: What's the Right Reserve and Insurance Fee?
Mickey Storms, Richard Cooperstein Fed 2020 Intervention and Mortgage Market Outcomes
Richard Cooperstein, Mickey Storms Ginnie Mae Request For Input: Eligibility Requirements For Single Family MBS Issuers
Richard Cooperstein Ability-To-Repay Benchmark Proof Of Concept For An Industry Standard Setting Organization (ISSO)
Richard Cooperstein, Mickey Storms A Resilient Federal Mortgage Securities Servicing System: The Future Is Now
Richard Cooperstein, Andrew Davidson Is There A Competitive Equilibrium For The GSEs?