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Kinetics is our new modular platform focused on using web technologies. It has been designed to deliver a suite of AD&Co analytics while providing the option to license only those models and analytics you need. Kinetics modules include the following offerings below.

Kinetics Delivery Options

  Desktop Proprietary Integration Web
LoanKinetics Excel Integration LoanKinetics Executable Not Available
MSRKinetics Desktop Application REST API Intranet
PoolKinetics Desktop Application REST API Intranet
AutoKinetics Desktop Application REST API Intranet

LoanKinetics logoLoanKinetics (LK) is our multi-functional whole loan application that evaluates legacy and newly originated residential mortgage loans. It can be used to project credit performance, assess value (using multiple approaches), and perform loan loss analysis for reserving and understanding attribution.

MSRKinetics logoMSRKinetics (MSRK) is the first of our new Kinetics offerings focused on assessing MSR risk. Product users are given access to user guides and a variety of publications that report on model updates, technology developments and related market issues.

PoolKinetics logoPoolKinetics (PoolK) is our new modular offering on the Kinetics platform. It evaluates specified agency MBS pools’ pay-ups by assessing their values relative to TBAs. Available outputs include both a “theoretical” pay-up, calculated as the value difference between a pool and a matching TBA based on the same option-adjusted spread (OAS), and a “practical” pay-up, which reflects a limited, user-defined, holding horizon.