Delivery Channels


Third-Party Integrations
At AD&Co, we have spent years developing relationships with a wide variety of third-party vendors to ensure seamless delivery of our tools into our client’s existing platforms. If this is your preferred delivery option, please view the list of our vendors or speak with us to determine which system best suits your needs. In addition, we have teamed up with wholesale service providers to distribute our analytics and established alliances to enhance our capabilities. Learn more about our third-party integrations.


Direct Licensing
Through our direct licensing plans, our models or applications are available as either stand-alone tools or we can design a custom integration for you. Learn more about direct licensing.


Our models and applications have been designed to help you obtain the results you need based on our nearly three decades of experience. We provide the expertise to work with you to maximize the use of our tools to generate optimal results. Learn more about our consulting services.

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