Wholesale Service Providers

Wholesaler Service Providers integrate our models into their platforms, distributing our models, analytics and analytical reports to clients on a periodic basis. They also provide technical and administrative product support.

If you are interested in offering AD&Co analytics, please contact support@ad-co.com.

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Catalyst Strategic Solutions

Catalyst Strategic Solutions (CSS) has been providing ALM, investment management, and balance sheet advisory services exclusively to credit unions for over 30 years. CSS is a wholly owned credit union service organization (CUSO) of Catalyst Corporate Federal Credit Union.  With this background, CSS is fully attuned to the regulatory, reporting, and management needs of credit unions across the country.  Our client base includes credit unions across the United States of America and represents corporate credit unions as well as natural person credit unions of all asset sizes ranging from $5 million to over $40 billion.  As a consultancy and analytic service provider solely focused on serving credit unions, our products have been built to meet the needs of the credit union industry. www.catalystcorp.org/strategic-solutions


Chasen Enterprises

CRT Hub provides users with the ability to analyze and generate cashflows from a comprehensive library of Credit Risk Transfer securities and Reinsurance transactions issued by Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, and leading mortgage insurers. The deal models incorporate the key components of the transactions including information on the underlying reference pool, the liability structure and the waterfall components including key dates, trigger tests and call provisions. Users can evaluate their positions at the tranche, deal or portfolio level.

CRT Hub cashflow generation is based on user inputs for CPR, CDR, Severity, Delinquency and Rates. The inputs can be entered as simple scalars, individual vectors, or as multiple vectors (“scenarios”). CRT Hub allows users to access forecasts from AD&Co’s LoanDynamics Model. Users can also run LDM directly and dynamically from within CRT Hub.

Empyrean Solutions

Empyrean is the fastest growing risk and balance sheet management solution in the market today. Fast and accurate results drive our efforts at Empyrean. The system was designed and developed by Finance and Risk practitioners with years of experience in the industry, built with ease of use and speed of calculations as primary considerations for the model. For these reasons and more, banks of all sizes turn to us for risk and balance sheet management solutions that help them increase efficiency, reduce operational costs, and more easily manage financial performance. Our customers love working with Empyrean solutions. And more importantly, they are happy to tell you why.  For more information or to schedule a demonstration please contact us at sales@empyrean-solutions.com

FactSet Research Systems

Factset Research Systems is a leading provider of analytical software for the consistent valuation and risk management of fixed income securities including CMOs, ABS, Commercial Mortgages, MBS, ARMs, Loans and Servicing, Treasuries, Agencies, Corporates, Structured Notes, Interest Rate Derivatives, and Options.


FIS, a Fortune 500® company and member of Standard & Poor’s 500® Index, is a leading provider of technology solutions for merchants, banks and capital markets firms globally.

FIS Balance Sheet Manager (formerly BancWare)

FIS Balance Sheet Manager (formerly BancWare) is an Enterprise Asset Liability Management tool, providing an integrated risk management solution that enables full and multi-dimensional analysis of the balance sheet. It models customer behavior, economic valuation, interest rate and economic scenarios along with a wide range of other variables. Market data, valuation and risk scenarios are used to estimate VaR, NII, EaR, and EVE.

Fite Analytics

Based in Los Angeles, Fite Analytics is a privately held corporation founded in 2016 to provide leading edge data processing and analytics services to institutional investors by including comprehensive global market data, ultra-high-speed analytics, and implementation-free cloud-native technology. www.fiteanalytics.com


Milliman is an independent risk management, benefits and technology firm with offices in major cities around the globe. We serve the full spectrum of business, financial, government, union, education, and nonprofit organizations. For further information, visit https://www.milliman.com/en/our-story.


Integrate® is an award-winning single technology platform that enables a holistic approach to the actuarial modeling and financial reporting process, offering an automated, end-to-end solution in one system that balances flexibility and control. Representing a genuine paradigm shift in actuarial software, technology, and solutions, Integrate completely transforms the actuarial environment so actuaries can focus on strategic, high value problem solving.

Integrate leverages Milliman’s MG-ALFA® system as its calculation engine and runs on the Microsoft Azure cloud to deliver collaboration, governance & control, stability and scalability like no other system available today.  In addition, the current version of MG-ALFA fully supports the AD&Co LoanDynamics Model (LDM) and is fully implemented to run LDM in the cloud.

Integrate is a trademark of Milliman, Inc., registered in the U.S., U.K. and France.

Milliman M-Pire

Milliman M-PIRe is a flexible, web-based tool that efficiently evaluates and manages exposure to the mortgage market. The software includes mortgage performance models, a complete cash flow library for bonds and reinsurance credit risk transfer securities, whole loan portfolio modeling and various streamlined reports on individual deals and portfolios. Clients use M-PIRe to underwrite transactions, aggregate exposures, and to perform surveillance on their risks.

M-PIRe fully supports the AD&Co LoanDynamics Model (LDM) and is fully implemented to run LDM in the cloud.


MSCI's analytics and services, combined with its innovative technology, creates a reliable and consistent platform to power your risk management business. MSCI's enterprise-wide risk approach provides insight into the market and credit risk sectors and enables institutions to optimize their capital, perform risk and return analysis, verification and valuation of securities and meet regulatory requirements.

Optimal Blue

Optimal Blue, LLC as successor in interest to Compass Analytics, LLC supports the industry's largest network for secondary market buyers and sellers on its premier Marketplace Platform. Capabilities include product, pricing and eligibility, hedge analytics, loan trading, MSR valuation, social media monitoring and publishing, and counterparty oversight.

CompassPoint: www2.optimalblue.com/
CompassEdge: www2.optimalblue.com/compassedge


Qontigo is a financial intelligence innovator and a leader in the modernization of investment management, from risk to return. The combination of the group’s world-class indices and best-of-breed analytics, with its technological expertise and customer-driven innovation, enables its clients to achieve competitive advantage in a rapidly changing marketplace. Qontigo’s global client base includes the world’s largest financial products issuers, capital owners and asset managers. Created in 2019 through the combination of Axioma, DAX and STOXX, Qontigo is part of Deutsche Börse Group, headquartered in Eschborn with key locations in New York, Zug and London. www.qontigo.com