Andrew Davidson was quoted in a Forbes article titled "Innovation Lessons, Insights, And Secrets From Six Industry Leaders."

Break Free From Needless Customs: Andy Davidson, president of Andrew Davidson & Co., Inc.

Innovation isn’t limited to physical creations. Take Andy Davidson’s company. There, traditional concepts of supervision have been flipped. Rather than having managers to guide the 50-employee workforce, Davidson has implemented a streamlined method of self-governance that has served his staff well.

Davidson explains how his workflow is set up and why it has produced excellent outcomes. “People are organized into functional teams and are elected to councils to coordinate the work between teams,” he says. “Functioning without managers means that decisions and innovations are based on ideas and influence rather than coercive authority. Eliminating the managerial power dynamic makes day-to-day work more enjoyable.”

From Davidson’s perspective, this multidimensional, person-to-person-based dimensional structure encourages everyone to collaborate and help. In other words, it’s one of those “hidden” inventions that has important ramifications for the workers and customers it affects. It also represents a core belief that Davidson holds dear: “Break a habit a day.”