AD&Co's 20th Annual Conference - Innovation Amid Uncertainty

New York City


2012 Lunchtime Survey Results

AD&Co Staff

Back to the Future of Grading Credit Risk

Anne Ching

Breakout Session - Whole Loans: Innovations in Credit Performance Analysis and Valuation

Richard Ellson, Anne Ching

Innovation amid Uncertainty

Andrew Davidson

Innovative Thinking for Housing Finance Panel

Richard Ellson, Mario L. Ugoletti (FHFA), Joseph Tracy (Federal Reserve Bank of NY), Howard S. Altarescu (Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP)

Measuring Housing Affordability and Home Price Equilibrium

Alex Levin

Mission Possible: Modeling Delinquencies in Agency Pools

Dan Szakallas, Daniel Swanson

Model Validation: Framework & Example

Eknath Belbase

Modeling Primary/Secondary Spread (PSS)

Alex Levin

Quantitative Perspective - Measuring Housing Affordability and Home Price Equilibrium: Revisiting the Housing Bubble & Bust and HPI Modeling

Andrew Davidson, Alex Levin

Risk Sharing

Andrew Davidson

Theory and Practice of Mortgage Securitization Reform

Andrew Davidson