WEBINAR: Managing Credit Risk in Times of Uncertainty

Virtual Event

For years, credit data furnished by credit bureaus provided single snapshots in time. Today, the credit field has expanded and evolved, with trended credit data and other types of credit information not traditionally stored at credit reporting agencies available for lender use. 

Different than traditional credit bureau data, trended data provides a historical view of information such as monthly account balances for the previous 24+ months, giving lenders more insight into how individuals are managing their credit.  

These in-depth insights can help lenders expertly manage credit risk in these uncertain times, while continuing to make competitive credit offers to consumers. Learn how the latest credit scoring models incorporate trended credit data to further enhance flexibility and predictive power, and how you can best put trended data to use.  

You will hear from risk management thought leaders in the financial services and credit industries. You will leave the session with a better handle on how trended credit data can further refine the accuracy of your risk assessments.

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Date & Time: April 14th, 1 p.m. CT 

Sponsored by: FICO

Meet the Panel:

Tom Parrent
Model Risk Management,
Andrew Davidson & Co., Inc.

Joanne Gaskin
Vice President, Scores and Analytics,

David Christovich
Vice President of Credit Risk Management and Pricing,
Virginia Credit Union



Managing Credit Risk in Times of Uncertainty

Tom Parrent