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AD&Co Brings Decades of Expertise to the Auto Industry with Auto LDM

The company's Auto LoanDynamics Model, also known as AutoLDM, brings auto lenders the disciplined practice of analyzing historical data for insightful forecasts -- a process that AD&Co has spent decades perfecting in the mortgage-backed securities industry.

NEW YORK, Nov. 10, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Andrew Davidson & Co., Inc., also known as AD&Co, has a track record as the industry leader in predictive analytics models for the mortgage-backed securities industry and decades of experience in financial research and analytics. Recently, the company also expanded its asset class analytics with the introduction of its Auto LoanDynamics Model.

"We are bringing to the auto lending industry our proven, disciplined process of transforming historical data into dynamic and meaningful forecasts," said Andrew Davidson, founder and president of AD&Co. "This approach will enable financial institutions to level up their auto assets to meet the existing quality of their mortgage assets."

The model was developed and is led by Chris Widman, behavior modeler at AD&Co, and in collaboration with Equifax. Widman and his team have integrated loan-level samples from Equifax's Analytic Dataset to model payment behaviors, including losses, prepayments, and delinquencies. The model also integrates publicly available data on defaulted and repossessed loans as well as unemployment and interest rates.

"The ability to produce integrated forecasts that incorporate borrower and loan attributes, loan performance history, and macroeconomic projections makes AutoLDM a powerful tool for auto lenders," says Widman. "We are excited to contribute to the expansion of auto analytics and provide bankers, auto finance companies, regulators, investors, rating agencies, and all industry stakeholders a better model for auto loan performance."

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