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Agency LDM+ Available in Milliman M-PIRe™

Michelle Stepien Breier

Andrew Davidson & Co., Inc (AD&Co) is thrilled to announce an expanding relationship with a Third-Party Vendor! AD&Co enjoys working with countless analytical providers to offer our clients seamless solutions and we would like to welcome Milliman M-PIRe™ to the team!

Milliman’s Integrate Solutions have supported AD&Co’s LoanDynamics Model (LDM) for many years. We've expanded on that relationship to include Milliman M-PIRe™ software. Milliman M-PIRe™ now supports AD&Co’s Agency+ LoanDynamics Model (Agency LDM+) to offer clients an industry-leading solution. AD&Co’s Agency LDM+ forecasts prepayments, delinquencies, defaults and loss probabilities, which are fed into Milliman M-PIRe™, a valuation and securitization software that produces advanced analytics of structured mortgage credit risk (CRT).

Today’s financial markets have taught us the importance of evaluating and managing financial risks. Milliman’s integration of AD&Co’s Agency LDM+ into the M-PIRe™ solution allows reinsurers and mortgage insurers to analyze CRT transactions using a multi-model framework when implementing risk and portfolio management strategies.

AD&Co would like to thank Milliman for their unparalleled support of our Agency LDM+ in the M-PIRe™ software. We truly appreciate their dedication to servicing mutual clients to ensure their success.

Interested in learning more about joint Milliman M-PIRe™ and Agency LDM+ solution? Please contact Jonathan Glowacki at