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Andrew Davidson & Co., Inc. Celebrates Pride Month


AD&Co Celebrates Pride Month

We at Andrew Davidson & Co., Inc. (AD&Co) are once again thrilled to celebrate Pride Month, especially the contributions of LGBTQ professionals in the field of finance including affordable housing policy and the GSEs. This year, in addition to celebrating, we are also paying increased attention to the challenges that LGBTQ individuals face, particularly around issues of housing. Our pride in our LGBTQ staff and community sits alongside our concern about discriminatory lending practices, including in mortgages. As of February 2021, for the first time, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and questioning (LGBTQ) Americans will be protected from housing discrimination under the Fair Housing Act. 

We have also had our eyes opened to youth homelessness. LGBTQ people make up 40% of the homeless youth population in the country: Their risk of homelessness is 120% of the general population. 

We at AD&Co are committed to change. Here’s to Pride!