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Introducing the Kinetics LoanDynamics Module

Eric Limjoco

Andrew Davidson & Co., Inc (AD&Co) is pleased to announce the official release of the LoanDynamics Module in Kinetics, AD&Co's new modular platform for running AD&Co analytics via a desktop application, web browser, or REST API. The LoanDynamics Module is the latest way to run the LoanDynamics Model, allowing users to perform sensitivity analysis, validation testing, and scenario analysis in a modern, user-friendly application. The LoanDynamics Module supports all flavors of single-family LDM (Agency, Agency Plus, Non-Agency) and is an alternative to the LDM Excel Spreadsheet.

Users can access the LoanDynamics Module via the Kinetics desktop application (Windows) or a web browser. A developer kit is also available for those who would like to integrate the Kinetics Web Service with their proprietary system.

The LoanDynamics Module joins MSRKinetics and the Auto LoanDynamics Modules on the Kinetics platform. Later on, the Multifamily LoanDynamics Module will become available, allowing users to run agency multifamily loans and securities on Kinetics.

AD&Co always looks forward to your comments and welcomes feedback from frequent users of the LDM Excel spreadsheet, who may have perspectives that will help us improve the new application.

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