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Introducing the Kinetics Multifamily LoanDynamics Module

Eric Limjoco

Andrew Davidson & Co., Inc. (AD&Co) is pleased to announce the official release of Kinetics v1.10, the latest update to AD&Co’s modular platform for running the AD&Co suite of analytics. This update introduces the Multifamily LoanDynamics Module, the newest way to run Multifamily LoanDynamics Model (LDM). Investors, servicers, insurers and lenders can leverage this new module to better understand the prepayment and credit risk of their multifamily mortgage portfolio.

The Multifamily LoanDynamics Module joins MSRKinetics, PoolKinetics, the LoanDynamics Module, and the Auto LoanDynamics Module on the Kinetics platform. With this release, all flavors of LDM (Agency, Non-Agency, Auto, and Multifamily) are supported in Kinetics.

Kinetics v1.10 also includes enhancements to the LoanDynamics Module for single-family mortgages, including support for global tunings, a new Lifetime Results report with metrics such as WAL and lifetime CPR, and integration with the latest version of LDM: v3.0.3 patch 1.

Users can access the Multifamily LoanDynamics Module via the Kinetics desktop application (Windows), a web browser, or integration with the Kinetics REST API. AD&Co can provide a developer kit to those interested in integrating the Kinetics Web Service with their proprietary system.

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Multifamily LoanDynamics Module Portfolio


Multifamily LoanDynamics Module Custom Prepayment Penalty Points


Multifamily LoanDynamics Module Results