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We develop and license prepayment and credit models, as well as risk measurement tools that are used as benchmark analytics by top mortgage and commercial banks, insurance companies, mortgage insurers, reinsurers, credit unions, broker-dealers, and investment management firms. Since our inception, we have provided our clients with high-quality models, applications, consulting services, research, and thought leadership all aimed at yielding advanced, quantitative solutions for an array of financial and investment management needs.

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When you license one of our models or applications, you're getting much more than top-rate analytics.
A choice of vendors
that have integrated our models into their systems.
State-of-the-art models & customizable applications
that are validated and backtested, and powered by our LoanDynamics Model.
More than a quarter-century of corporate expertise.
AD&Co clients have the opportunity to work closely with top innovators in the field and access to a vast repository of institutional knowledge.
Responsive and comprehensive customer support
that doesn't end when the contract is signed. We support you for the lifetime of your license or consulting agreement.
Behind the client portal
you'll have client-only access to detailed product documentation, validation resources, model trend reports, AD&Co's dynamic performance reporting tool and much more.
Access to the whole range of our publications
including The Pipeline, our newsletter focused on recent trends, changes and advances in the mortgage investor's market; and Quantitative Perspectives, our colorful whitepapers that take a deep dive into important issues related to the mortgage and derivatives markets.
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Welcome to the Pipeline, Andrew Davidson & Co., Inc.‘s newsletter, a “pipeline” of relevant and useful information, focused on recent trends, changes, and advances in the mortgage investor’s market.

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The back-up and steepening that began soon after the election accelerated recently, with an extremely volatile session on the 25th following a weak 7-year Treasury auction. The yield curve is now over 50 bps higher on the long end since the election. Further moves appear possible as growth prospects and improvement in the employment picture become clearer. Given the importance of employment…
Eknath Belbase

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Andrew Davidson & Co., Inc. is dedicated to fostering and celebrating diversity and inclusion, with the goal of equity for every individual.
Treating every employee, client, partner and supplier with respect, regardless of title or role, is the core of our corporate principles. Still we strive to make diversity, equity, and inclusion a part of every action, recognizing that the job is never done." — Andy Davidson More on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion →