The S-Curve

Listen To Freddie Mac's Interview With Andy Davidson On Their Inaugural Single-family Podcast


CRTcast, a new podcast series under Freddie Mac’s Home Starts Here programming, focuses on credit risk transfer (CRT) and it’s three spokes: securities, (re)insurance and mortgage insurance. Freddie Mac leadership together with CRT industry experts cover current and relevant topics.

In the inaugural episode, Single-Family CRT Vice President Mike Reynolds sits down with Andrew Davidson & Co., Inc, (AD&Co) founder Andy Davidson to talk all things risk intelligence,  including planting the seeds of a GSE CRT market in 2010; and connecting with Freddie Mac to launch the first GSE CRT securities transaction in 2013. 

Click here to listen to the podcast. 

About Freddie Mac Single-Family Credit Risk Transfer

Freddie Mac’s Single-Family CRT programs transfer credit risk away from U.S. taxpayers to global private capital via securities and (re)insurance policies. The GSE Single-Family CRT market was founded when Freddie Mac issued the first STACR® (Structured Agency Credit Risk) notes in July 2013. In November 2013, ACIS® (Agency Credit Insurance Structure was introduced. Today, CRT serves as the primary source of private capital investment in residential mortgage credit. For specific STACR and ACIS transaction data, please visit Clarity, Freddie Mac’s CRT data intelligence portal.