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Andrew Davidson & Co., Inc. (AD&Co) President, Andy Davidson, To Deliver Keynote Address At Americatalyst’s ‘Going To Extremes’ Leadership Summit

Andy Davidson to Deliver Keynote Address at AmeriCatalyst Summit April 18 to 19, 2024
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Andrew Davidson & Co., Inc. (Ad&Co) President, Andy Davidson, To Deliver Keynote Address At Americatalyst’s ‘Going To Extremes’ Leadership Summit


NEW YORK, NY, JANUARY 31, 2024  -- Andy Davidson, president of Andrew Davidson & Co., Inc. (AD&Co), is set to join the distinguished roster of elite speakers at the upcoming AmeriCatalyst ‘Going to Extremes’ Climate, Housing and Finance Leadership Summit on April 18-19, 2024. The event, designed as an interactive and collaborative platform, aims to address the profound implications of climate change on the US housing and finance ecosystem. Davidson's keynote address is scheduled for 10:00am on April 18, 2024 during the summit at the prestigious Gaylord National Harbor Resort in the Washington, DC area.

“I would like to thank Toni Moss and AmeriCatalyst for the opportunity to address how climate change will impact the allocation of risk within the mortgage market. Until now, the financial impact of climate change and increasing climate-related housing losses have largely been borne outside of mortgage finance. Greater climate-related risks and losses have the potential to disrupt and transform mortgage finance.”

Andy Davidson, President

AD&Co, a leading provider of mortgage analytics catering to a diverse clientele, including depositories, insurance companies, buy-side investors, originators, and servicers, is proud to announce the release of the alpha version of its Climate Impact Suite within the LoanKinetics application. This innovative suite analyzes whole loans, leveraging loan-level information on borrowers, properties, and loan characteristics. The suite introduces sophisticated scenario analysis and simulation capabilities to empower investors to evaluate and analyze the risk associated with whole loans comprehensively.

The Climate Impact Suite further enhances LoanKinetics by incorporating property-level data from prominent climate analytics providers. This integration allows for assessing potential implications from increased insurance premiums, including those for hazards covered by homeowners, flood, and wildfire insurance. By providing insights into potential future borrower behavior and home prices, this pioneering suite offers valuable perspectives on the possible impact of climate-related risks.

Joining Andy Davidson at the ‘Going to Extremes’ Leadership Summit is AD&Co’s Climate-Risk Director, Eknath Belbase, who will be addressing attendees on climate risk analysis and its implications on the housing and finance sectors in a session titled, “You Can’t Manage (or Price) What You Can’t Measure” from 12:00 to 1:00pm on Thursday, April 18, 2024.

“AmeriCatalyst presents a unique opportunity for mortgage and housing market participants to transition from merely talking about climate risks impacting the housing ecosystem to thinking about concrete plans in a setting surrounded by key players in the industry. This is an exciting opportunity for us to contribute to those plans.”
Eknath Belbase, Director

AmeriCatalyst, known for producing an exclusive annual forum since 2010, provides a unique and independent platform for leaders and policymakers in the housing and finance industries to engage proactively in strategies tackling pressing challenges. Its sister company, EuroCatalyst, established an annual signature event in Madrid, Spain, in 2002, foreseeing the global mortgage market challenges that emerged in 2007.

 “The U.S. housing market is already undergoing a transformation that we have never seen before, which is only further exacerbated by extreme climate. Andy Davidson is a legend in the housing finance and institutional investment arena, and his speech will show how risk is transferred throughout the housing finance system for the first time. The timing could not be more critical to show the disconnect of duration risk between insurance as an annual product, and mortgages as 30-year products. We can no longer rely on climate stability over a 30-year period of time. Davidson’s speech will no doubt bring up serious strategic issues moving forward.”
Toni Moss, AmeriCatalyst & EuroCatalyst BV CEO

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Andrew Davidson & Co., Inc. is known for its leadership in the development of financial research and analytics, mortgage-backed securities product development, valuation and hedging, housing policy and GSE reform, and credit risk transfer transactions. AD&Co develops and licenses prepayment and credit models, as well as risk measurement tools that are used as benchmark analytics by a roster of the world’s largest and most successful financial institutions including top mortgage and commercial banks, insurance companies, mortgage insurers, reinsurers, credit unions, broker-dealers and investment management firms.

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About Toni Moss and AmeriCatalyst LLC

AmeriCatalyst LLC, established in 2010 in Austin, Texas, traces its origins back to EuroCatalyst BV, founded in 2000 in Amsterdam. Toni Moss, CEO of both entities, possesses extensive expertise in the global housing sector. Anticipating the systemic vulnerabilities within mortgage markets, Moss sought to raise awareness about potential collapses. In 2001, she attempted to garner interest from significant organizations like the U.S. Federal Reserve, the IMF, the European Central Bank, and the World Economic Forum for a summit centered on the impending risks. However, her warnings were met with skepticism, as prevailing sentiments leaned toward economic optimism. In 2002, Shirley Jackson joined EuroCatalyst after leaving her position at the Japan Times, becoming part of the executive team. Together, they conceived a conference distinguished by its content-driven focus over profit-seeking motives. Notably, the conference's annual predictions, embedded in its narratives, exhibited remarkable accuracy in foresight compared to mainstream economists. Addressing globalization's influence, the conference tackled topics beyond conventional control and comprehension due to the expanding impact of global forces. The culmination of these efforts marked a pivotal chapter in history, shaping the trajectory of the housing and mortgage markets. For more information, please visit:

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