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The name of the blog, the S-Curve, is a reflection of our logo and the central feature of our prepayment model. S-curves are seen in nature in many phenomenon, from population growth to prepayment and default models. Our first S-curve, in the early 1990s, used the arctangent function, then piece-wise linear functions, and evolved over time to be more complex and vary by FICO, loan size and LTV. This evolution encapsulates both the timeless nature of fundamental relationships and constant innovation to describe them better over time.

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  • Mortgage Data Exchange Presentation at #HousingDC23

    Richard Cooperstein


    The Data Foundation of Mortgage Finance

    Homeownership is the largest source of wealth accumulation and inter-generational wealth transfer for the working and middle class. However, the non-interest cost of financing is always an obstacle for first-time and low-wealth buyers, and underserved populations.

    • How much of the up-front and the ongoing cost of mortgages arise from the cost of data?
    • What is a Mortgage Data Exchange, and how does it make the mortgage data market more efficient and reduce the cost of originating, servicing, investing, studying, and regulating mortgage finance?

    Join me as I speak on these at the virtual #HousingDC23 on Wednesday, September 27th at 3:30 PM ET on a panel titled “Expanding Access and Transparency Through Alternative Data.”

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